Monday Morning Work

Refreshed the outside dining porch and front porch floors. The white trim on the dining porch was also painted.

Also, a plumbing upgrade as the pool filler no longer has a hose to step across on the way to the outdoor shower.

Pool Deck Is Finished

On Friday, the work was done.

The furniture is now back with four cans of yard waste out for pickup. Yard waste cans compliments of “John and Steve Trash Rentals”.

New Pool Deck 01
New Pool Deck 02
New Pool Deck 03
Yard Waste Cans

Pool Deck Nearing Completion

All support boards, that are made of treated lumber, have also been painted with an oil-based paint and are now in place. Deck board placement has begun, and should be completed tomorrow.

AC Goes Out, We Go North

Many have told us the horrors of LG Mini-Splits. Amazon backs this up. The three units that we have were installed sometime in 2012 by the previous owner.

June 23rd, the day that LG died.

Northbound on June 25th, about 6 days earlier than planned.

Fixed by Curry Refrigeration in July, 2019 with 3 new Cooper-Hunter units, made in the USA.

Making AC on Southard great again.

Tuesday on the Island at 707 Southard Street, Key West

Live music was broadcast for the first time from the Front Porch of 707 Southard on June 11, 2019.

The broadcast was hosted by Brian Fields and Michelle Tafoya.

There were many attendees and walkers passing along the 700 block of Southard during the 1-hour, 20 minute show. For a download of the 430 MB file, click here.

Tuesday on the Island 01
Tuesday on the Island 02
Tuesday on the Island 03