AC Goes Out, We Go North

Many have told us the horrors of LG Mini-Splits. Amazon backs this up. The three units that we have were installed sometime in 2012 by the previous owner.

Title: Unraveling the Horrors of LG Mini-Splits: A Closer Look


Many homeowners have shared their nightmarish experiences with LG Mini-Splits, and a quick browse through Amazon reviews echoes these sentiments. In this article, we delve into the pitfalls of these systems, drawing attention to the specific case of three units installed around 2012 by a previous owner.

The Dark Side of LG Mini-Splits:

  1. Performance Woes:
    Numerous users have reported performance issues with LG Mini-Splits. From inadequate cooling or heating to inconsistent temperature control, these problems often lead to discomfort and frustration.
  2. Durability Concerns:
    A recurring theme in reviews is the questionable durability of LG Mini-Splits. Homeowners express disappointment with units breaking down prematurely, requiring frequent repairs, and in some cases, complete replacements.
  3. Installation Nightmares:
    The installation process is a critical factor in the effectiveness of any HVAC system. Unfortunately, reports suggest that LG Mini-Splits are prone to installation issues, leading to inefficiencies, leaks, and suboptimal performance.
  4. Outdated Technology:
    Some users argue that LG Mini-Splits, especially older models like those installed in 2012, are plagued by outdated technology. This can result in reduced energy efficiency, higher utility bills, and an overall inability to keep up with modern standards.
  5. Customer Support Challenges:
    A common thread among dissatisfied LG Mini-Split owners is the difficulty they face in obtaining satisfactory customer support. Lengthy response times, unhelpful assistance, and limited warranty coverage have left many feeling stranded when seeking solutions to their problems.

The Case of Three Units Installed in 2012:

The three LG Mini-Splits in question were installed by the previous homeowner in 2012. This case is emblematic of the broader challenges faced by individuals dealing with aging units. As technology evolves, older models may struggle to provide the efficiency and reliability expected by homeowners.


While LG Mini-Splits may have their merits, the numerous horror stories and negative reviews paint a concerning picture. Prospective buyers and current owners alike should be aware of the potential drawbacks, especially with older models. In the ever-evolving landscape of HVAC technology, staying informed is crucial to making wise and satisfactory decisions for home comfort.

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June 23rd, the day that LG died.

Northbound on June 25th, about 6 days earlier than planned.

Fixed by Curry Refrigeration in July, 2019 with 3 new Cooper-Hunter units, made in the USA.

Making AC on Southard great again.