Tuesday on the Island at 707 Southard Street, Key West

Live music was broadcast for the first time from the Front Porch of 707 Southard on June 11, 2019.

The broadcast was hosted by Brian Fields and Michelle Tafoya.

There were many attendees and walkers passing along the 700 block of Southard during the 1-hour, 20 minute show. For a download of the 430 MB file, click here.

Tuesday on the Island 01
Tuesday on the Island 02
Tuesday on the Island 03

Pride Parade on June 9, 2019

We attended our second Pride Parade in Key West.

The former owner of 707 Southard, Kate Miano, was also a queen of Fantasy Fest in 2008.

Queen Kate of 2008

Conch Train

Bourbon St. Pub

Macho Men

Flag at End of Parade

Shelby Collins Visits Key West

Robbie Swanson, the 707 Southard heir, flew into Key West with his girlfriend Shelby Collins on May 30th.  They spent the week doing the touristy things and working out at 24-hour fitness on Caroline Street.

Shelby Collins and Robbie Swanson at Mallory Square

Shelby Collins and Robbie Swanson at Key West International Airport

They flew back to West Virginia on June 6th.

Back in Key West

Left Philippi, WV at 3:45 AM on May 29th and drove to Vero Beach, FL which is a distance of 950 miles.  Had dinner with Joe and Angela Cortner who moved from Key West to Sebastian, FL about 2 weeks earlier.  Met Joe on our first visit to Key West in April, 2011.

The final 300 miles is an easy 5 hour drive plus stops.  The former Cortner house at Olivia and Packer streets.

Change in Property Management

For the second time in 2 years, we have switched property managers.  Vacasa is gone and Vacation Homes of Key West is our new company.

Our main reason for leaving is the fact that we got 2 rentals in 20 months.  Our previous company had gotten us 23 rentals in 50 months.

Our property name has changed from Caribbean Fling to Key West Island Village Cottage.  See the great property write-up here.


House Maintenance, Part 3

Master bedroom closet door painting is complete.  This was immediately below the roof leak previously mentioned.

Master Bedroom Closet Door

Also, the second coat of aluminum roof paint has been completed.

Roof Valley, Second Coat